Link Tweaker

Link Tweaker is a modest little application that adjusts URLs (aka hyperlinks) to make them more useful and more usable. It converts over-tokenized URLs into more readable strings. It can also optionally remove various forms of SharePoint detritus. It can also optionally insert a user-defined redirection string in front of a URL.

LinkTweaker’s operation is based on the philosophy that URLs should point a Web browser to a specific address, but should also tell a human user where a resource is located, so that said user can navigate to that resource through other means as well. To this end, LinkTweaker converts as many escape sequences as practical back to their original characters (changing a “%2F” back to a simple slash, for example), as well as removing other cruft and detritus that may have attached itself to a link somewhere along its journey.

Screen Shot

Link Tweaker Screen Shot


Link Tweaker is open source software. Source code is available on GitHub.

Final Release Version

The final release of Link Tweaker version 1.00 is available for downloading.

Version History

See the Version History page for recent enhancements to Link Tweaker.

User Guide

The complete Link Tweaker User Guide is available on our web site.

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