Notenik is a desktop software program to help a single user maintain multiple collections of notes.

You may well ask why the world needs yet another note-taking app and, in truth, I’m not sure it does. However, whether it wants or needs one or not, it has one, and so I will try to explain why I’ve have labored to give birth to such a thing at this late date.

Here were my design goals for the app.

  1. Each note stored as a plain text file. This ensures that the notes can be edited on any device, by any text editor, and allows the notes to be painlessly synced between devices using a service such as Dropbox.

  2. Ability to handle multiple collections of notes. I really don’t want to be limited to a single collection. With Notenik, create as many folders of notes as you like.

  3. Embedded, platform-independent tags. I want to be able to tag my notes, and see them organized by tags, but I want the tags to move with the notes when the notes get synced between devices, and I want the tags to be editable with any text editor that can be used to edit the notes themselves.

  4. Bookmarks too. Add a URL to a note, and it becomes a bookmark. So now I can create a separate folder just for bookmarks, and organize them by tags, all with the same little app.

  5. A file format that is simple to read and simple to edit. No XML, no HTML, just some flexible, quasi-markdown formatting.

Make sense?

If so, read on.

If not, just move along – this is not the app you were looking for.

Screen Shot

Notenik Screen Shot


Notenik is open source software. Source code is available on GitHub.

Final Release Version

The final release of Notenik version 4.80 is available for downloading.

Version History

See the Version History page for recent enhancements to Notenik.

User Guide

The complete Notenik User Guide is available on our web site.

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