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Two Due is a To Do List manager that does more than most. Some of its special features are: recurring To Do items, so that they can be scheduled to occur on a regular basis; multiple sorting and selection fields; multiple files with remembered viewing options for each; extra fields for each To Do item, such as a multi-line Description, Outcome, Sequence and Web Page; automatic Web Publishing; plus multiple category levels in the latest release!

What Two Due does:

There are lots of To Do list managers out there. Here are the features that make Two Due stand out from the crowd.

<dt>Support for Multiple Lists
	<dd>Two Due stores its To Do lists in tab-delimited text files. This makes it easy for Two Due to support multiple lists. In fact, Two Due remembers all the files you have previously opened and makes it easy for you to switch between them, remembering and restoring different selection criteria and sort fields for each different file. You can also import data from an external file, adding its items to the currently open list.

<dt>Easy Navigation
	<dd>You can easily navigate through a list using Next and Prior functions, accessing any record directly from one of two list views, and by finding all items containing a given search string.

<dt>Recurring To Dos
	<dd>Sometimes it's not enough to do something only once. Like buying your brother a birthday present, or making plans to celebrate your anniversary. Two Due allows you to schedule recurring To Do items, with lots of flexibility in terms of frequency. Once an item has been completed, you can schedule it for its next occurrence by either closing the current item (a new one will be generated automatically), or by pressing the "Recur" button to re-use the current item.

<dt>Multiple Descriptive Fields
	<dd>Many To Do list products provide only one field to describe each item. We don't think one field is enough. So we provide a Title field, in which you can provide a brief description of the item. But we also provide a multi-line Description field that allows you to go into greater detail about the item. And we also provide an Outcome field, in which you can document the results of an item.

	<dd>Two Due provides a couple of useful features that allow it to work hand-in-hand with your Web browser. First of all, you can provide a Web Page URL for a To Do item. Once you have filled this in, you can easily view the Web page by pressing a button in Two Due.
	<dd>The second Web feature is the ability to easily generate a Web page that contains the contents of your To Do list! Sample HTML templates are provided, and can be easily modified. This makes it easy to share your To Do list with others, even though they may not have copies of Two Due installed on their computers. And you can specify that the associated Web page be regenerated each time you save your To Do file, so that it is always kept up-to-date.

	<dd>You can assign categories to any of your To Do items. Multiple, nested categories can be assigned as well, so you can have multiple levels of sub-categories. A special tree view lets you examine your list by category, opening and closing whichever ones you want. There is also a Replace Category function to quickly change a category from one to another, for all records in the same category.

	<dd>Two Due expands your notion of To Do list management. Do you have a recurring meeting for which you maintain an agenda and minutes? Why not use Two Due? It can easily keep track of your agenda items, schedule their start times, record the results of your discussions, and publish this information on a Web page for all participants to view. You can use the Sequence field in this context to sort your agenda items into the desired sequence for each meeting.
	<dd>Or how about using Two Due for a wish list for birthday or holiday presents? The Web features make it easy to share such a list with others, and to point them to Web sites where the items on your list can be purchased. Use the "Assigned To" field to create one list for an entire family.
	<dd>Another possibility is to use Two Due to keep track of change requests for a software program, or other product. The Sequence field can be used here to record the version in which each request was implemented.
	<dd>You can even use Two Due as a bookmark manager, with the ability to publish to HTML and import from HTML. The possibilities are nearly endless!

What Two Due doesn’t:

To be fair, there are a few things that Two Due is not good at. If these are more important to you than the items on the list above, you should probably choose a different product.

<dt>Integrate with Other Products
	<dd>Two Due is a stand-alone product. It doesn't integrate with your favorite e-mail program or your PDA. Oh, well. Life is full of tough choices.

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Two Due is open source software. Source code is available on GitHub.

Final Release Version

The final release of Two Due version 3.30 is available for downloading.

Version History

See the Version History page for recent enhancements to Two Due.

User Guide

The complete Two Due User Guide is available on our web site.

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